Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ma petite puce.

This year, epidome of style/soon to be fashion icon/my fav designer/best friend/girlfriend material Charlotte E. Eedson (above), is participating in the Montreal Puces Pop Fashion show, tonight (like i bet she's there right now and people are losing their minds over her designs). In my excitement, I forgot to check what kind of day the show fell on, and to my dismay... I am not there to see her leap into the fashion world with open arms and give it a great big hug (maybe make out a bit). Instead, upon CE's suggestion, we had a fashion show of our own. As it turns out, babies, cute as they are, make demanding models (Trout is kind of a diva), and it was shortly after the first outfit that we called it quits and had some dinner. Here is what we were able to capture, like lightening in a bottle, I present you TROUT.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I've been trying hard to keep Adair's toys in corners, in baskets, under tables and chairs- hidden. I've been trying to hide the signs that we have a baby living among us. Why? because when I was imagining, dreaming and wishing about the first home I would have as an adult, I completely forgot to factor in the part where I would have a family, and not be the only one living in the house- a realization that is making me wonder about the self-centeredness i didn't think I had, because I think I'm just so perfectly well-adjusted (read sarcasm). So in an effort to make this feel more like her home too, we invested in a large, space hogging contraption that makes the walls and decorations fade behind its circus like colours... we got us an exersaucer. and dedicated a small part of the room to Adair's things.There is nothing cozier than a house that feels lived in, and what better sign of life than a baby's items drenched in warm drool? our living room has a lot of life.
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Last week I decided to find out what lies beneath the linoleum in my and chris's kitchen. After about half an hour of slicing through seven layers of sticky icky linoleum that surely dates back to the 20s (not fashionably so) i was happy to find no tar, and plenty of pine. Most people would have had the forethought to dig in a less conspicuous place than the high traffic stretch before the sink... not me. Can i use baby brain this far into motherhood? probably not? then i won't. How cleverly I hid the newly found floor under the garbage can you see in the second photo, suggests that I've lost any sign of the stupidity caused by pregnancy. But nothing gets past Chris. Luckily history has quickly been rewritten to read that he, upon seeing the mess, thought the whole thing was very funny and sitcomishly quirky of me.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

linoleum? linoleeeewwww

new house project:

figure out what is under the linoleum in the kitchen... will it be tar? more linoleum? soft wood?? here is what it looks like now:

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

party girl

On Wednesday sept 16th, I had a dinner party for Sheena "Bean" Sherwood. She deserved it, and I think everyone had fun, at least this photo would make it seem so. She turned 26, but she doesn't look a day over 24 and a half.

Adair looked very smart in her new threads by TEA.. Little birdies on twigs with jailbreak (my heart) pants.... she didn't catch most of the conversation because she spent a larger part of the evening sleeping on her Pappa and on her pillow.

Thanks for the pillow Gigi and Nina (

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

little addy two two

oh and on friday night adair went to an art opening featuring izzy pouliot's sheet paintings and drew mosley's coffee and ink drawings. this is what adair wore (thanks edna li for the most fem onesie ever):

and this is the artwork she enjoyed:


it felt like fall a few weeks ago, and Adair wanted to wear her fall clothes.

the sweater was hand knit by izzy pouliot, visit her on etsy!!