Friday, January 1, 2010

Year of the Trout

Goodbye 2009, I only know you existed because it's all anyone has talked about for like days...
(I guess there is also some proof lying in super soft blankets in her crib upstairs)

2010 is starting off well. Chris and I have been bummed out lately since our go to couple is moving in the summer and we know we need to find a suitable replacement (yeah right), but we made a freiend this morning. It's hard to find friends, and we have a little seed of a friendship growing with another parent who frequents the same coffee bar as us. We gave him our number. I'm thrilled about it.

This year's high points:

swimming while pregnant
adair's birth (duh.)
moving into our house and talking about it endlessly
bonding with my weekday wife over delicious food... that she makes
introduction to brachic
my balloon tree
introduction to lizano
using dry shampoo
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (old book, but i only read it this year)
double visit to halifax
the jolly jumper
living in tights with a fine excuse

Thank you, I'll let you know when something new happens

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  1. Lizano is the truth. Peace to my Lonely-Planet-ass parents for putting me on in the '90s, and to Utopia's inhouse knockoff formulation.